Who We Are

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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

Growing in Christ-centred Character, Service and Academics

At Nelson Christian Community School we take our mission to heart. While we are a small independent school, we strive to achieve excellence. Our programs are geared to help students grow not only in their academics, but also in their faith in Jesus. At NCCS our staff are held to the highest standards of teaching and educational practice.

Mr. Kevin Bernhardt


Mrs. Tracy Ashley

Miss Madeleine Whelan

Teacher – Grades K-2

Ms. Janelle Galloway

Grades 3-6 Teacher


Mr. Chad Tonnos

Teacher – Grades 7-9
Vice Principal
Maintenance Technician

Mrs. Krista Sparrow

Mrs. Farah Denkovski

Educational Assistant 

Mrs. Amie Robertson

NCCS Administrator 

Mrs. Mary Beth Ringheim


Mrs. Trina Saunders


Ms. Megan McMichael

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Charis Chu

Preschool Teacher

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