Nelson Christian Community School is a BC Group 1 Independent School that is operated by the Nelson Christian School Society.

Our school is in a beautiful location atop the community of Fairview in Nelson, BC.  We have a large central play space and beautiful vistas of the mountains and Kootenay Lake.  Rail trails and forest surround our school, providing great opportunities for outdoor education.

NCCS exists to help students from Preschool (ages 3 & 4) to Grade 9 “Grow in Christ-centred Character, Service and Academics.”  While we are a small school, we are able to offer a rich program for each of our students.

Christian Education:  All students from Preschool to Grade 9 participate in morning devotions, daily prayer, Service Learning and Bible classes, and a weekly chapel service.  We desire to show students what it means to “walk the walk” of our faith in an authentic way.  Students learn that our faith is not just about a class, but that God’s design and purpose permeates all that we do.

An important part of our weekly schedule is the Service Learning class.  All of our Kindergarten to Grade 9 students participate in service activities where they get to see their faith in action.  Activities can range from local to international in scope.  Students might: rake lawns in the community, visit seniors in a care home, put together packages for those in need, sponsor a child in an underdeveloped country, or other similar activities.  Every class takes on multiple projects per year.  Projects depend on student interest, passion, and prayer.

NEW:  NCCS is excited to offer a Grade 9 program to our community.  Students in Grade 9 will experience growth through a strong academic course load, leadership classes, real-world skill development, and a Capstone Project.   Our specialty teachers and small class sizes will help prepare students for success as they progress into high school.


One of the greatest benefits if being in a small community is that no student falls through the cracks. Teachers genuinely get to know their students and help them to achieve academic, social and emotional goals. Within our school community, students have the benefits of:

  • Multi-aged classes that allow students to be challenged at their academic level and receive academic support they need.

  • Development of friendships within various ages.

  • Class and school wide activities that build skill and experience.

  • Opportunities to be involved in school activities that develop confidence and leadership skills.

  • Learning new skills and problem solving when things go wrong.

  • Access to technology.

  • A variety of choice in the areas of: clubs, art, music, etc.

Nelson Christian Community School is also pleased to offer:

  • A Hot Lunch program

  • Canteen Days

  • Student Council

  • Family events such as: Family Camping; Family Service Opportunities; Family Fun Nights

  • Drama productions & Music Concerts

  • Downhill and Cross Country Skiing program

  • Grade 9 Capstone Project

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