Academic Excellence

Grade 9 Students will see an increased emphasis on developing the skills to help them be successful academically. These skills will help students find success both in-person and on-line learning. Students will learn the value of academic success through mistake making and perseverance.

Community Connection

Connected to the Capstone Project, Inquiry Based learning, and the Mentorship Program, students will initiate and make connections with the different people and organizations in the Nelson area and beyond. Students will also participate in community activities and experiences unique to their grade level.

 Leadership Development

Students will build leadership skills through taking on both behind-the-scenes and up-front responsibilities. Students will participate in a Mentorship Program where they will be partnered with a community leader that will guide them through building practical skill development, confidence, teamwork, and compassion.

Capstone Project

Students will unite their learning through the completion of a Capstone Project. This project will combine personal interest, Biblical application, research, and prior learning.

Faith Application

Grade 9 students will focus on the real life issues they face. Our program will help students build Biblically based tools to discern through life challenges.

 Inquiry Based Learning

Within the Capstone Project, students will learn how to conduct an inquiry. This will build skill in asking informative questions, seeking reliable first-hand research data, making discoveries, presenting findings and learning to self-assess.

Life Skills

Students will participate in Life Skills classes that integrate Biblical principles while providing students with tools to help them prepare for high school and beyond.