Our mission: “Growing in Christ Centred Character, Service and Academics”

At Nelson Christian Community School (NCCS), we are committed to providing a high-quality education that equips students to be leaders in Character, Service and Academics within their community. We see this as a partnership where families, the school and the community work together.

We welcome and appreciate support from the community to further our mission. Giving can be made in the form of:

1)    Donations.

  1. Financial donations may be made online through this link or by sending an e-transfer to our accounting department at: accounting@chekabc.ca
  2. Donations of materials or supplies. Please contact the NCCS office at office@nelsonchristian.ca or 250-352-0526 to find out which materials may be needed or on our “Wish List”.

2)    Volunteerism. Community members may volunteer their time in a skill or interest area towards school life or facility improvement. To find out more about volunteering opportunities and requirements, please contact the NCCS office at: office@nelsonchristian.ca or 250-352-0526

3)    Prayer. We value those who are willing to regularly pray for our students, families and school. To find out ways to pray for us, feel free to contact the NCCS office at: office@nelsonchristian.ca or 250-352-0526


All financial donations higher than $25 qualify for a tax receipt. Receipts will be mailed to the donor.