Nelson Christian Community School is a Group 1 Independent School governed by the Nelson Christian School Society. The society has a Board of Directors that meets 5 times per year to set the direction of the schools within the society and to ensure that the schools are following the mission of the society. The current board is comprised of the following members:

  • Mrs. Linda Schmidt

  • Nathanja Gingerich (Acting President)

  • Brenden Melanson (Vice-President)

  • Mr. Kevin Bernhardt (Superintendent)  (non-voting member)

  • Mrs. Stacy DeVries (CHEK ABC High School Principal) (non-voting member)

  • Mrs. Tracy Ashley (NCCS Principal) (non-voting member)

  • Mike McGillvery (Secretary)

To contact the board, please email: and it will be forwarded onto the respective member.

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