It’s on the Agenda!

//It’s on the Agenda!

So parents…there’s this little thing we want to talk about.  The Agenda.  You know, those lovely things your kids haul back and forth from home to school and back again?  Yes, those!

I know, I know, what a hassle.  Your kid can’t find it, it’s been lost, it got yesterday’s juice box drips on it, or worse, they wait until 5 minutes after bed time to show it to you.  But wait!  It also has some very important applications–that’s what I’d like to focus on!

As a school, we have a limited means of communicating with parents.  We have the phone, social media, and email.  All of these forms of communication are great, but not consistent when it comes to daily communication (because no one has time to check emails or Facebook that regularly).  We have face-to-face with some of you on a regular basis, but the interactions are quick and usually just involve a “hello!”  Enter, the handy dandy agenda.

I want you to know it is a tool that we use on a daily basis to communicate learning, upcoming events, and to engage you in your child’s education.  Students write messages in their agenda that are meant to inform and engage.  Teachers put messages up on the board for students to copy so that you know something fun we did at school, what is coming up in the week, or to get you to ask your child a question about their day.  Did you know, the agendas also have the students’ spelling words written out on a weekly basis?

Why am I telling you all of this now, in March, as Term 3 approaches?  Because (despite all the humour of the previous few paragraphs), we really value knowing that you are reading the agenda and putting your initials next the day’s message lets us know we’re all on the same page.  Teachers check the agenda each day to see if parents have seen the note that went home.

Ok, so I acknowledge that some of the students have not been coming home with a note written.  Sometimes a day gets too busy or students are on a field trip, then no note gets written.  Other teachers have taken a break from writing in the agenda because they felt parent engagement was next to zero.

So, after all this, what am I asking exactly?  Simple!  For you to check your child’s agenda on a daily basis and to initial next to what they’ve written so we know you have seen it.  This has become routine in my home…right after dinner I have my kids bring their agendas and I read and initial the page.  Then I get the opportunity to write a follow up note if needed, or add a message about a playdate for the next day.  I also get to ask my child about what the message says and this shows them that I care about their schooling!

I am trying to create a culture of regular and positive communication here at NCCS.  I know this might be different, might seem like a challenge, or might even downright annoy you, but I’m asking you to try!  Take part in these daily efforts we are making to draw you in, to inform you, and to communicate what is happening here at school. I guarantee you will have some great talks with your kiddos, feel more informed about what is going on at school, and be able to clearly communicate with us when the need arises.