Balfour Preschool

Welcome to November

Welcome to November
I can hardly believe that we have already crossed into November.  The first two months of school have flown by!  This new role of principal has certainly kept me busy, making the days seem even faster. I want to share with you some of the great things I have been observing here at our school:
  • Teachers who interact with students at their level...sitting on floor, walking from desk to desk, and using their full classrooms
  • Students who actively engage in learning by taking good notes, and both asking and answering questions
  • High standards for academic success
  • Creativity in curriculum is presentation; using different styles of learning for different types of learners
  • Chapel that includes all grade levels (remember, parents are always welcome to stay!)
  • Service learning projects that stretch our students and bless our community
  • Parents who care about the education of their children
  I am encouraged by the level of effort put out by our teachers and our students.  As the year moves on, lets remain engaged, stay focused, and continue to work hard towards another successful year!