Balfour Preschool

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

This year we have had several outdoor education classes, music and art classes, as well as our first steps into learning how to use technology for design and innovation (aka, coding).  Our teaching staff is diverse and well-experienced, so these courses are going deep and making an impact already.  A great educational start to the year.

For Service Learning, all three age groups are learning from a Compassion Canada curriculum.  The materials provide an in-depth look at how people around the world live, as well as how we can join them in service.  It has been so great for us to partner with Compassion--they provide a wealth of resources and opportunities for us.  A great servant approach to the year.

Next week we start our character development program.  Each month a new character trait will be explored, starting off with a missionary from history who displayed that trait.  The missionary will be introduced during chapel time by Linda Schmidt, our Director of Christian Life Ministries.  We will explore the trait during chapel talks, then teachers will have an opportunity to continue the learning during their Bible, Social Studies, and/or Language Arts time.  An exciting start to character education this year.

We're working hard here at NCCS to really fill out our motto:  Growing in Christ-centred academics, service, and character.

(this is the program the K-3 class is using)