Balfour Preschool

So What’s Daily Five Anyways?

You may have heard your child talking about sorts, reading to self, wow; or maybe throwing around terms like flipping the sound, chunking or coaching.


We've been working on a program called Daily Five which encourages student choice, personal growth, implementing strategies for reading and writing, regular personal one on one time with the teacher and most of all, a love for the whole process of reading.


The beauty of this program is that whether your child struggles or thrives in reading, Daily Five gives them strategies to improve in a personal way.  Some may be working on inflection or fluency while others on building vocabulary skills or pausing for punctuation.  There are so many strategies from which to choose! Everyone is improving and making personal progress.


Each day students choose between five rotation choices: read to self, read to someone (reading in pairs), listen to reading (listening to various guided stories on Tumblebooks), sorts (spelling), and working on writing (WOW).  Students LOVE the independence of choosing when and where their rotations happen. They complete at least three of the rotations daily and use strategies to improve reading, comprehension, vocabulary and writing.

Comfy seating areas are key to an enjoyable reading experience, and we've recently added a couple extra bean bag chairs and a tent to our lounging repertoire. The tent is hands down THE favourite spot to date. There is such a love and enthusiasm for reading in the 2-4 classroom - a teacher's dream! Now that we've been doing the Daily Five program for seven months, we're like a well oiled machine. If ever you want to see it in action, just drop into our classroom in the mornings and check it out. You may even find yourself grabbing a good book from our library and immersing yourself in a comfy beanbag chair.  🙂

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