Balfour Preschool

September Grade 7and 8!

Hello everyone, Here we are, suntanned, relaxed and ready for a new year of learning!  Welcome back one and all.  It is going to be an exciting year full of growth as we stand on our foundational truths of faith and love. There are 16 students in grade seven and eight this year.  There are 4 boys and 12 girls in the homeroom.  There are 6 grade 7 students and 10 grade 8 students. I look forward to meeting all of you - parents and grandparents and other family - as the year progresses.  Whether in the classroom, during field trips, or events around the school, the students would love to see their family participate.  I can't express enough how it makes the students feel when you enter their familiar space and they get to show you around and share with you their daily life practices!  So please come out, check in. Invitation to all:  We pray as a class everyday at 3:05.  We gather in a circle, hold hands and end our day in prayer.  So if you are in the parking lot, in the school or just looking at your phone in your car in the parking lot, do not hesitate to come in and be a part of our prayer/blessing at the end of everyday!  We look forward to seeing you. Best to you all, Mr. Martens