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School Start

School Start

It is that funny time of year where we're trying to finish well, while looking ahead.  I find my day-to-day tasks being balanced between this school year and the next, with that sweet promise of Summer breaking the two school years apart.


Where do you find yourself these days?  Are you eagerly gardening and living in the now, or do you find yourself pining away for lazy summer days, or the next ski season even?  Whatever your state of mind, I am sure that school supply shopping is low on the list.  Even in the fall, does it ever make it to the top?


I have found school supply shopping here in Nelson to be painful.  We have 1 (that is O.N.E.) store to buy supplies at.  By the time I get my brain off summer mode and head to said store, all the "good stuff" is gone.  This year, I'm determined to change that and make school supply shopping easier.


Enter, School Start.  School Start is a program that allows parents to order school supplies online and have them sent directly to them.  The cost of those school supplies is comparable to in-store pricing and there are no hidden fees.  I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true.  But wait, it gets better...they give us $5 for each order made!  It is a fundraiser, too!  It is easy, gets everyone the same school supplies, and gives us a bonus fundraiser.


So, what are you waiting for?  Head online, or hand in your order form today!