Balfour Preschool

Reading and writing ’til the cows come home! (Gr 2-4)

Happy Fall everyone!  We have been hard at work firmly setting the Daily Five routine.  Hold on to your hats, we have big news to share about how much stamina we are building, are you ready?


We, as a class, can both Read to Self and Work on Writing for an amazing 15 minutes without a peep, without a wiggle, without distraction!  We have successfully added in Read to Someone and are learning to be coaches for our partners.  We are setting personal goals and working on specific strategies from our CAFE menu to help us become even better readers.  One strategy that some are working on is to choose "good fit books." Here is a bit more information on "good fit books" and how you can help your child at home become better readers using this strategy.  parent-pipeline-read-appropriate-level-texts-that-are-a-good-fit1


We enjoyed our first theme day of the year which was camping.  Theme days will happen the first Monday of each month.  Our next theme day will be Monday, November 7 where we'll be learning in the wild, wild west!  If you'd like to be a parent volunteer during that day or have something you'd like to share on that day, please let me know!  Here are some photos of some of the goings-on in our class as of late.  Oh, and lest I forget, I've attached a Bible verse test reference sheet so that you can be up on what verses are being tested on what date.  memory-verse-test-dates-and-references


Memory verse tests are on Wednesdays.  Blessings!

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