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Planning for Next Year

Planning for Next Year

It is hard to believe that the planning for the next school year has already begun, and yet we're not even done Term 2 of the current year!  There is a lot of  thought and preparation that goes into getting ready for a school's a little of what I have been working on:

1. The School CalendarThe 2018-19 school calendar has been made.  It will be posted on our website with all the other enrollment documents.  You will know that you have an up-to-date version if you read the (current as of March 2018) statement at the top of the page.  If something changes, I will change that "current as of" date.  The most accurate version will always be up on the website.  If planning holidays, please always ensure you are using the most current version.

2.  Enrollment documentsAll of the enrollment documents have been updated.  Re-enrollment will begin on Monday, March 12, after the Board of Directors approves documents for next year.  That meeting is around the corner, so everything will be ready to go for you on Monday, March 12.

3. Schedule:  This is one thing I really enjoy thinking about.  Although nothing is set in stone until all the staffing and student enrollment pieces are finalized, it is good to begin thinking about what academic, social, and spiritual goals we will set out for the next year.  Those goals are what helps to set the daily calendar!  Ministry of Education objectives will always be met, but setting school-wide goals helps bring teachers and students together under the larger umbrella of the curriculum.

I am hopeful that next year will be one of the best yet.  I am excited about the direction we are heading as a school and am eager to continue moving towards our goals!  

Hey, I'm so glad you're a part of our community!  We wouldn't have another year to plan for if it weren't for all of you!  


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