Balfour Preschool

October in the 7 and 8 Classroom

Hello Everyone, So the junior high year is well underway!  We are busy learning how to write like scholars and love with hearts like Jesus.  There is a lot to learn, and I know we will be stronger in our weakness by the end of June. We are starting a Food Drive.  The month of October will be marked by collecting food for those who are in need.  A pamphlet will be sent home weekly to remind the families of NCCS there are items that you can purchase that will be helpful to families needing the food cupboard.  Thank you very much for participating in this Service Learning project. Good writing starts at the beginning.  The grade 7 and 8s are learning how to spell, increase their vocabulary, and write full, proper sentences.  I am dedicated to turning our text messaging, Facebook posting, slang talking young teenagers to write in fully expressive sentences and paragraphs - and ultimately essays.  The students are rivers of intelligence and potential and simply need some direction.  Luckily, water can be directed and shaped into incredibly uses!  Look forward to your child writing and reading at a higher level by June! We pray everyday between 3:00 and 3:15 in room 210 - the 7 and 8 room.  You are invited to come in and pray with us.  Leave your phones in your car, drop in and be a part of our circle.  Parents, teachers and children working together to grow in Christ through prayer. Lots of Love, Mr. Martens