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NaNoWriMo in Grade 1-3

NaNoWriMo in Grade 1-3
Hello everyone!
The kiddos are working so hard on writing this month! We have a special challenge going on called NaNoWriMo (which stands for National Novel Writing Month). The grades 1-3 have taken on this challenge of writing a novel during the month of November.
You may be wondering... "Grade 1's, 2's, and 2's writing a novel? Can they even do that?" The answer is YES! With some modifications of the NaNoWriMo guidelines (for example, they are only writing in class during their LA block and are not expected to write at home), and with lots of support from me and Mrs. S., they are doing a fantastic job! We have spent lots of time discussing the characteristics of a novel from plot to developing main characters. We are also continuing to work on their basic writing skills (which varies between the different grades) but include concepts of sentence structure, grammar, sounding out new words, etc.
We have 12 days left of in-class writing in November and I cannot wait to see how their creative stories come together and for them to be able to share them with you!
Although, there is no expectation for the students to work on their novel at home, here are a few ideas for ways to support your young novelist at home:
  • Offer lots of encouragement!
  • Ask them to talk to you about their novel!
  • Read, read, read! Their concept of what makes a good story is largely influenced by their experience of reading good stories! Maybe as a family, you want to read a novel together? If that's too much, just read some short picture books together!
  • When reading books at home, ask your child questions about the story (the plot, the characters, the problem, how the writer added interesting details, etc.)
Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Melanson