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May’s recap (Grades 4-6)

May’s recap (Grades 4-6)
June is here, and the end of the school year is within reach.  May went by quickly, and we were able to wrap up a few projects in our classroom.  The largest undertaking was the Persuasive Essay project.  We walked through the daunting task step by step.  Nailing down a clear and concise thesis statement is half the battle and coming up with three supports for that thesis another big chunk.  We used the OREO method and practised differentiating between a support and an example for that support.  We worked hard on writing a really clear first paragraph, and from there, the process became easier.  We even added "hook" sentences and transition words to add some buff and shine.  We're finishing up work on our Creative Writing Bingo project as well as our Tower of Books reading challenge.  A couple of exciting additions to our daily repertoire are a new math game called Multiverse (Mathletics) and our current Bible projects which are utilizing green screens with iMovie for some groups and online book making software for others.  Summer break fever is in the air, though.  There's no denying the extra chatter and energy in the classroom.  (Lord, have mercy!)  We're looking forward to a field trip this Tuesday which will provide a change of scenery.  As these last few weeks pass, I just want to say that it's been such a joy to teach your children, parents.  I am most grateful for this amazing group of potential.  They have taught me more than all the persuasive essay helps, geometry, spelling or vocabulary that I could have ever passed on.  Well done.  Keep raising them up for our Lord.  Praying for us all in this quest, for it's not for the faint of heart.  Here are some snap shots of things we did in May.  --Mrs MacInnis  

We had students coming and going all month. Thank the Lord everyone is back!

Ahelia spins the big wheel for her team.

Let's see what Matthew and his team know about water habitats!

Lots of answers from this group!

Artists at work!

Painting fun at the Water Festival.

Water testing booth at the Water Festival.

Whose water is cleaner?

Testing strips.  Future water treatment experts! 

There's some expert water testing going on here.

Let's check these test strips out and see...

Planting more drought tolerant plants, using a rain barrel and letting your lawn go gold were some of the ways we learned to conserve water.

Taking "get comfy" up to a new level. Gotta love all my eager readers!

These Bible projects are bringing out all kinds of creativity, giggles and excitement.

Concentrating hard on figuring out this green- screen-overlay thing.

Transitions, backgrounds and sound effects - oh my!

A horse neigh-ing in a Bible project on Ephesians? You better believe this group pulled it off.

Lots of pre-planning and idea-sharing for the current STEM project.

Strategizing on how to use these skewers to make a vehicle roll.

Working on the last STEM project. Creating a wind-powered car out of...well, let's be honest - a lot of junk. 🙂

Posing in front of some powerful water energy at Nelson Hydro Dam. It reminded me of just how powerful our God is. Amazing.

They look so legit, like they're on their way for a coffee break.  🙂

Nelson Hydro Dam tour. Chris was one of the awesome tour guides.

We were blessed to have toured the dam when the barriers were opened up and the full pressure of the water was seen, heard and felt. It was quite amazing.

I can't help but wonder where all these students will be in 20 years.

Future engineers!

More STEM work. Trial and error teaches some good lessons.

First group to create a wind-powered car whose wheels actually roll. (the biggest hurdle for all groups) Great job!

Bring your pet to school day. Bear enjoyed his time of pets and love.