Balfour Preschool

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Hello families!  Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe that we are already at the end of our second week of 2018.  I'm not sure if you feel it too, but the older I get, the faster time seems to fly by.  I just hope I'm not missing the important things that each day holds.

Seeing as how we're in a new year, I have begun the process of looking forward to the next school year.  The ability to dream and plan is my favourite part of being principal.  Much of my days are spent in administrative tasks (read, "paperwork and emails"), so spending time with students, mentoring teachers, and planning for our future are the things I look forward to.

You may be wondering what does the future look like for NCCS?  Well, I have learned that nothing in life is certain besides the love of God!  That being said, I can share with you some of my hopes and dreams for our growing school.

Next year I hope to continue down the path of academic excellence.  This year I feel we have a stellar teaching staff who are really advancing the academic strategies and success of our students.  I am eager to add to our current staff a full-time primary teacher, as well as a teacher who is gifted at French!  I am confident that we will only continue to grow and improve as we evaluate our teaching practices and curriculum.  I am excited to have a dynamic and active PAC that supports our academic goals by purchasing new books and technology for our school.

The development of new programs at our school is also exciting.  We are currently exploring opportunities to continue inviting International Students to join our school (though our student population will never have more than 10% international students).  Next year our Outdoor Education program will continue to develop and grow as well--this program affords us so much creativity and connection within our local environment.  In addition, I'm dreaming about growing the music offerings at our school.   I don't have that vision quite worked out yet, but I'm excited about the possibility!

I'd love to know...what are your dreams for our school?  I think this is a great conversation to have and I'd love you to come in for a visit so I can hear from you.  Again, Happy New Year, and happy dreaming!