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Learning French IRL

Learning French IRL

When I say to people I am French, they usually have the same reaction:

"Nice, I studied French at school but I don't recall much".

That being said everybody seems enthusiastic about it. Usually, people love French culture and are aware of the benefit of speaking French in Canada.

So why do I feel a lack in this field across Canada?

As a new French teacher, my long-term goal is to contribute in a positive manner to this situation and ensure all the students at Nelson Christian Community School will remember enough French that in 20 years they may be able to engage in a communication with the French community and feel confident about it.

But HOW do we do to teach knowledge that will stay in our long-term memory?

First, we need to captivate the attention of the student by choosing learning themes they will enjoy and easily remember while being aligned with the BC curriculums. The concept will be instead of teaching purely grammar we will work in "interactive class" where communication is the main focus. Students are active and involved in their own learning through role games and situations of "every day" (going to the restaurant, take public transport, having an interview...) This way we can talk and learn about various subjects like food culture, history, geography, art...

Second, they need to experience and have the opportunity other than in a class to speak French. Field trips are essential to connect with the French community in our town, country or world! We are fortunate to have a very active French community in Nelson which gives us opportunities to go out and speak French.

Third, small class sizes encourage communication. At NCCS, we are a family school with small classes, which supports close proximity with each student. With enthusiasm and work, I believe we have everything at NCCS to make an interactive and inspiring French class that our students will benefit greatly from and remember for years to come.

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