Balfour Preschool

January Grade 7 and 8!

Phrases most heard first thing back January....Welcome Back, Happy New Year.  There it is, back in the new year folks. As I write this the children are outside waiting to come into class.  I will hear stories of presents gotten and presents not received, great food and food they were forced to eat, great getaways and no getaways at all, and lastly happy to be back (silently saying to themselves because they crave routine more than they know), hate to be back. Well, frankly its the law and parents have to work and learning is a very good thing - so in they come. They will receive a welcoming smile, a greeting of Happy New Year, an attentive ear to all their ups and downs these past two weeks.  Yep, love is here and is going nowhere but to he hearts and minds of the children about to come back to their classes!  Its a great school here, the best in Nelson.  Well, there is the horn, take care. God Bless You, Welcome Back and have a Happy New Year