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How to capture and hold the attention of our students?

How to capture and hold the attention of our students?

Here are some tools we are using in French class:

  1. During class, students can wear french hats. It makes them feel special and adds a note of humour.
  2. 15 min before the end of the class we gather in a circle and play simple games usually around the vocabulary we’ve learnt.
  3. Stories/anecdotes around the theme we are learning help to grab the attention of all of the students.
  4. Opportunities to talk/exchange or write on the whiteboard encourage the students to express themselves.
  5. Quiet times where students have their own reflection.
  6. Having a diversity of activities with the goal we want to achieve written on the board.

I feel that structuring a class with routines and different activities helps students to hold their attention on the subject as long as each part of the class doesn't last more than 10/15min.

In every class, there will always be students who will naturally participate more than others. Working with these students is comfortable but as teachers, we have tools and the capacity to involve all the students in the class.

It's a work of every day!

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