Balfour Preschool


Almost finished September!  The grade seven and eights are in full swing.  The class is working hard on their various subjects. We have opened a recycling room in the basement of the school with the grade sixes.  With the returns we hope to provide Juan Joel (our sponsor child) with the help he and his family need.  We are going to have a bottle drive in October and I am excited to see what will be produced from it. In Bible study I see the students reading Bibles, praying for one another and increasing their knowledge of our God.  It is a wonderful sight and something that is very special to be a part of. You will notice the students are bringing home their agendas daily, in hopes to let parents know about the notices and things taking place individually and collectively in the classroom. The opening month of the 2016-17 school year reveals the potential for a school year filled with fellowship, learning and spirit-filled growth in both.