Balfour Preschool


This weekend thanksgiving memories have made their way to our Facebook pages and funny family tales have been repeated to our friends and co-workers -- it must be close to Christmas! But before the holiday of holidays reaches us here at NCCS, upstairs room 313, there is work to be done. In the last two months the homeroom of the seven and eights has taken on the traits of home.  We pray together, we study our Bibles together, we share our weekend stories with one another, we sing happy birthday to one another, we laugh and sometimes ask for forgiveness from one another, we learn from each other and we work together. We are in the midst of a bottle drive week.  The students, including the grade sixes, have canvased the Fairview neighbourhood with billets requesting assistance for their sponsor child.  We have received phone calls from folks who have bottles and cans for our cause and we are eager to pick them up on Friday. The students are learning about many things in the world around them, and about the world they immediately occupy.  Their responsibility to their classroom and lounge area has been phenomenal.  Do they keep their rooms as clean? I am proud of the effort and responsibility this group has shown in the first few months of their school year.  As Christmas shines nearer I know they will continue to grow in maturity and the level of fun and learning will increase as well.