Balfour Preschool

Full steam ahead for grades 2-4!

We're full steam ahead in Mrs MacInnis' class!  We've been busy establishing routines, introducing a fabulous new Daily Five reading/writing/spelling program and enjoying our most fabulous new classroom! Here's our daily schedule at present. weekly-schedule  It will undergo a few tweaks as we get more settled into our Daily Five rotations.  Are you wondering what we mean by Daily Five?  It's an exciting, fun, effective and meaningful program designed to nurture a love and passion for reading and writing as well as independence and ownership of learning in students.  Here's a bit more information on the Daily Five.  dailyfiveparentletter2.  Please feel free to stop by the classroom or email me if you have any questions or concerns.  We are currently working on choosing a theme day for the first Monday of each month, so check back next week for a list of fun themes that our class will be adopting.  See you soon!   img_8720 img_8716 img_8713 img_8707 img_8679 img_8712