Balfour Preschool

February Grade 7 and 8!

Hello everyone, Glad to have you onboard as you read this blog.  Always great to have you checking in and reading what there is to say about your child's classtime.   I would be happy to meet with anyone at 'almost' anytime.  I hope you have been enjoying the random pictures I have been sending via gmail of your children's school day.  It is a new thing I am doing to bridge gaps between home time and school time.  And hey, its always fun to get a candid picture of someone you love. February is a short month.  We have lots going on, as per usual.  This month my English writers will be taking on Poetry.  Encourage you children to come up with synonyms for words in their everyday.  It is a great way to build vocabulary and to understand the world around them through the use of the English language. In Science we are starting to think about and constructing our Science Fair Projects!  I am looking forward to having many of you becoming judges on that fun day! In Bible class, our 7 and 8s are reading through the book of John.  We do this a chapter at a time and as a whole class.  There is time for discussion and new insights to their understanding of this life changing, amazing gospel. God Bless you, and remember we pray as a class everyday at 3:15.  Feel free to drop in and pray, at school, with your children and their peers.  Take Care.