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Christmas is Upon Us

Christmas is Upon Us
This is my first Christmas at "work" in quite a while.  Last year at this time, I was bald, had just finished chemotherapy, and was waiting the next phase of cancer treatment.  What an incredible difference one year can make.  Praise God for his mercies in our lives! I have had a great time listening to NCCS students sing carols in the chapel, practice their skits and songs for the Christmas Concert, and have enjoyed watching their artistic creations deck our halls.  We have a talented bunch of kids at our school. I want to encourage you, parents, to slow down this Christmas break...enjoy the moments with your children at home.  I'm finding time pass so quickly by these days; I can't wait to spend the holiday with my own family.  I know that having the kids at home can sometimes cause a panic, "What exactly will we do for two snowy weeks straight?!?"  Maybe you have it all planned out with family visits, ski trips and holiday crafts.  But, if you're anything like me, you have nothing planned! I thought I'd offer a few suggestions of meaningful activities you could participate in as a family.
  1.  Read your favourite Christmas stories together--or check out some new ones from the library.
  2. Bake and decorate cookies to give to the neighbours.
  3. Volunteer at Our Daily Bread or Salvation Army.
  4. Watch a cheesy Christmas movie.
  5. Write a letter to a family member that lives far away.
  6. Shovel a neighbour's driveway.
  7. Read daily advent readings.
  8. Attend a Christmas Eve service.
Obviously the list isn't exhaustive, but it is a good start.  Quality time is the best time, no matter what you choose to do! Enjoy each other as we celebrate Christ the King who is come and is coming again!
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