Balfour Preschool

Balfour Preschool

Our program is intentional in providing learning and play opportunities for children to build motor skills, social experiences, and an academic foundation to help them prepare for full day Kindergarten in BC.  Children must be 3 years old by September 1st. The environment is designed such that children work through centres and interactive spaces during their morning. The environment is warm and inviting and includes play spaces, tables to work on, comfy chairs, and lots of hands-on kinesthetic learning opportunities. What is the Christian component of the program?  We want our children to know that our loving God has uniquely created them. We want them to know that Jesus is our Saviour and that he cares for them. We weave these messages throughout the day and program. Students do have daily Bible learning, prayer and also learn Bible verses. We want our children to know that our faith is relevant to the larger world and not just time at school. Do kids have time to play in Preschool?  Yes, play is an important part of learning at the 3+- year-old age. Children learn in a play-focused environment with both indoor and outdoor play spaces. What children play with connects with the learning units that they are participating in. Some of our learning units may include:

• Gardening & Farms

• Forests & Animals

• Taking Care of our Environment

• Sports

• Countries of the World

  What skills will students learn? We help students develop gross and fine motor skills including holding a pencil/crayon/marker and being able to use scissors. We also help students learn their upper-case letters and numbers from 0 to 10. We want students to learn the social skills of: taking care of ourselves and our world including; sharing, taking turns, helping those in need and how to play with others. Preschool students must be able to use the washroom independently. My Child is only 3 why would I want to put them in Preschool?  Families have expressed a need for help to prepare their children for Kindergarten. Some have enrolled their children in multiple programs when they are 3 or 4 to get them used to being away from home and with other children. Preschool is a safe, peaceful and consistent place for students to be, spend time with children their age, and learn. Do students spend the entire morning in a classroom? No, we have an outdoor space that we take full advantage of. Children have an outdoor play area, outdoor learning area and a garden on the property. The location lends itself well to using nature as a tool during preschool. Do children eat at Preschool? Parents will need to send a healthy snack with their child and there is a set mid-morning snack time. We do not have/serve lunch.

Can a family apply for Tuition Assistance for the Balfour Preschool program?  Unfortunately, the Preschool program does not qualify for Tuition Assistance because we do not receive any government funding for this program. Families may apply for subsidies from the Ministry of Children & Family Services. For more information,  click here to learn about more ways to get funding for your family!Click here to download the Fillable Registration Form.  Once finished please e-mail form to  If you have any more questions call 250-505-7734.