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Art Files

Hello Families!  Today is the last day of November (what!?!) and I'm preparing for the Grade 4-8 Art class tomorrow.  Did you know that I'm teaching some of your children Visual Arts?  The class is great!  The students in my group are those individuals who do not participate in band.  Instead, we're studying some famous artists from across Canada.

We have finished lessons on the Yukon's Ted Harrison, Nova Scotia's Maud Lewis, and are beginning a lesson on BC's own Emily Carr.  Students have been tasked with creating artworks in the likeness of these famous artists.  I have been so impressed with the students' eagerness to create and their desire to do the job well!  Art can be a tricky endeavour because creativity and confidence do not come easy to some.  Students have to find a balance between taking risks with painting technique and colour and painting within the goals of the project.

Here are some examples of the Ted Harrison project (watercolour and crayon on paper):

Artist:  Imogen

Artist: Israel

Artist: Julia


Here are some examples of the Maud Lewis folk-style project (acrylic on canvas):

Artist: Bergen

Artist: Sophia F.

Artist: Laura

If you are interested in seeing the entire collection of art created by my class, you can find it on display in the hall on the main floor of our school!  Students will be bringing artwork home before the Christmas break.

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