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Anti-Bullying Policy

  NCCS: Developing a Culture of Safety, Acceptance, and Respect for all Students and Staff Developing a culture of safety, acceptance and respect is paramount to NCCS. We strive to build a culture that protects students and staff from discrimination, abuse, neglect (children), bullying, harm, or threat of harm regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression. This is done through: 1)   Anti-bullying and safety policies for students and staff. These policies are communicated verbally and are available through the Student/Parent and Staff NCCS handbooks. All handbooks can be accessed through the NCCS website at anytime. 2)   Established mechanisms for reporting concerns. NCCS has a formal process for dealing with complaints or concerns – for both staff and students. 3)   Educating all staff on what is and how to recognize abuse, bullying, discrimination, neglect and harm. Training is part of our start-of-year staff training and is followed up at various staff meetings throughout the year. 4)  Computer use Policy for all students using NCCS computers and technology. Online communication between staff and students is archived. 5)  Promoting a culture of safety and respect through an ‘all staff on supervision’ approach. 6)  Ensuring adequate student supervision at all NCCS sponsored activities and field trips. This is kept to a minimum of a 1 (adult) to 7 (students) ratio. All parent volunteers are debriefed on their role and how to report concerns prior to the activity. 7)  Staff participation in Professional Development workshops and courses in the areas of abuse, neglect, discrimination, anti-bullying and awareness of cultural and other student needs. 8)   Mandatory participation in the ERASE Bullying program. 9) Engaging parents in giving input into the educational program and sharing their culture and expectations. 10) Promote open communication between administrators, teachers, staff, students, and families. 11) Communicate norms, expectations, and values that support a healthy and positive school community.