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A Little Bit of Everything – Grades 4-6

A Little Bit of Everything – Grades 4-6

Hello everyone!  October was a great month in the 4-6 classroom.  Here's a bit of a breakdown of what's been going on:

Math - We completed our Patterns and Algebra unit and are well into our Number Sense unit.  We'll be on Number Sense topics until March as it's the biggest chunk of content for these grade levels.  We die speed drills to try and improve and sharpen our adding and subtracting and will move to multiplication for the older two grades in the next couple weeks.   I'd like to see math facts more ingrained rather than having to always count up or down, so speed drills are here to stay.  We are onto our third STEM project and get about an hour a week to work on them.  The STEM projects have, up until now, been separated by grade.  Grade 6  - Roman aqueduct project/Grade 4-5 pencil catapult project.  This week the class was broken into groups for a class-wide STEM project - an Ancient Roman maze.  Thanks for all the shoe boxes, moms and dads!

Language Arts -  We're continuing to do two structured writing programs and one creative/free-write program.  It's proving to be a nice balance of writing for fun and writing with purpose and correct punctuation/grammar.  This class is a writing machine, I tell you.  It's fabulous!  For the month of November, we're taking on the NaNoWriMo.  An information letter to parents was sent home on Wednesday.  Here's a link for absent students, or if it didn't make it home.  (Just scroll down to Printables and you'll see a Family Letter option.  Click on it.)  It's going to super fun, challenging and rewarding.  We'll celebrate as a class at the end of November if we're able to reach our word count goals.  Here's a link to the FAQs in case you'd like to check it out.

Bible - We are going through a unit on faith and studying out faithful saints of the Old Testament in our Journeys with God program.  The 4-6 students are prayer warriors, and we make it a point to pray together.  They have such a heart to bring cares and struggles to the Lord.  We've also been following a theme which spills into the rest of our day and that is the topic of Stinkin' Thinkin'.  We want to identify lies of satan, rebuke them, and replace them with the truths of God.

Personal Development - The students have been working hard on a career poster project.  They've been researching, siting sources, gathering information, printing photos; all in preparation for the oral presentations that are starting next week.  I gave each student the children's version of the Love Languages quiz put out by Gary Chapman.  It's very neat to see the differences in personality and how each receives and gives love.  My prayer is that it will help me be a better teacher as well.  If you want a copy of your child's, I'll be sure to put it in his/her agenda.  It's a good insight.

Social Studies - We are smack dab in the middle of a study on governments and in particular Canada's government.  Students have done a couple hands on activities that opened their eyes up to how it may feel to be under differing government types.  They are learning to take vocabulary out of a textbook, find definitions and also how to find answers within a text.  Our final project for this unit will be to provide a visual (comic, book, skit, video, etc.) that will teach the K-3 class all about four of the types of government.  I'm excited to see how creative the students can be with it.

  **If there's one way that I could ask you to support me at home this month, it would be to do adding/subtracting/multiplication flashcards, speed drills, etc. with your child.  There are some good apps as well if that appeals.  Here are some pictures of moments where I remembered to grab my phone and snap a shot.  Thank you, and God bless!

Noah's not so sure about this Career Ed project.

Students look forward to when they can read their WOW (creative stories) to their small groups.

Students are gathering as much information as they can on types of government. Mrs MacInnis keeps everyone hopping.

Collecting information about governments during Social Studies.

Boaz and Cypress put their ideas to the test in preparation for their aqueduct presentation.

This group adds the finishing touches to their aqueduct project.

Haram and Evanda persevered and completed their pencil catapult project well. Way to go, girls! Now to test it out.

This group is enjoying hearing each other's WOW (creative writing) stories.

STEM project presentation time! Will it work?

Presentation time. Let's see if it works.